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Imperial Coffee House Membership Program

  • Community Explorer

    Every month
    • Access to community rooms during operating hours
    • Lounge area access for private parties
    • Free entry to weekend lounge events
    • discounted entry to concert series events
    • Premium Highspeed Internet
  • Lounge Enthusiast

    Every month
    • All benifits community explorer
    • Priority access to comminity rooms
    • Free entry to weekend lounge events for family members
    • 20% discount on concert series
    • Ability to host one private party in the lounge per year
  • Event VIP

    Every month
    • All benifits from Lounge Enthusiast
    • Exclusive access to the office space during operating hours
    • Free entry to weekend lounge events for family members
    • 30% discount on concert series events
    • Ability to host two private parties per year
  • Ultimate Patron

    Every month
    • All beifits from Event VIP
    • Free entry to all lounge events, including special events
    • Priority access to concert series events
    • Access to the lounge during off-hours for private meetings
    • Four complimentary concert series event tickets anually
    • Allowance for promoters: Four promoted events per year
  • Canna-Coffee Membership

    Every month
    • 50% off all Imperial Canna Coffee events
    • Preferred Parking
    • Discount Coffee

Please Note: this is a monthly membership plan. By selecting one of the options above, you are agreeing to let Imperial Coffee House & Lounge deduct the selected memebership fees from your account monthly until you choose to cancel your membership. By signing up today, you will become a member of the Imperial Membership Program.

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