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Sip. Collaborate. Inspire.

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Imperial is Now Membership Only

That's why we're embarking on a new chapter, one that streamlines the "Imperial experience" and brings our amazing community even closer together. Instead of offering a multitude of separate services, we're focusing on curating a unified, personalized experience that lets you savor the essence of Imperial like never before.

Who We Are

Imperial Coffee House & Lounge is a vibrant and innovative community hub designed to foster creativity and connection. By day, this dynamic establishment provides a traditional coffee-style work environment, complete with cozy meeting rooms and study spaces, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. It serves as a haven for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a collaborative space to brainstorm ideas and network with like-minded individuals.

As the sun sets, Imperial transforms into an enchanting venue for entertainment and relaxation. The ambiance shifts as the lights dim, creating a cozy atmosphere for patrons to unwind and have a bit of fun. This all-inclusive concept extends beyond its versatile workspace and evening entertainment. The intentionally designed open space, adorned with neutral decorations, makes it the perfect setting for various occasions such as parties, meetings, and even workshops.


Dress Code

When visiting Imperial, please keep it classy. No sportswear will be allowed.

Age Limit

We aim for events to be for ages 30+ exclusively

Parking Rules

Free parking is available on-site however, space is limited. No loitering. Parking is for paying customers.

Outside Drinks

No drinks from outside of Imperial can be brought in.

You may not bring alcoholic drinks poured inside Imperial outside of the building. 

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